vintage-glazed-porcelain-15x60-wall-and-floorVintage flooring likewise to classic clothing is a very special trend that is typically preferred by small niche of the populace, frequently those with fat pockets and trendy tastes. This style will not fit every location; it functions well in interiors that are part of older homes and are more vintage and rustic in design, however it will also suit modern houses with mixture of new and old styles.

Antique flooring is simply either old wood floors or new floor that undergone the process of aging so it looks like an older flooring. Lately demand for classic flooring improved dramatically and prevalence of reclaimed wood floors spiralled. But restricted supply of old and actual classic flooring pushed its prices up and clients began to turn into cheaper, mechanically distressed flooring.

Main and many popular classic wood flooring alternatives:

Handscraped and distressed wood Floors

This is definitely the most popular choice — timber is scraped by hand or scraping instrument to give and old and vintage appearance. The purpose of mechanical painful would be to mimic handscrape procedure. However, no matter if the floor was troubled by hand or from the machine — no 2 pieces of wood will be exactly the exact same and they naturally cost more than standard wood flooring as it takes longer to make them.

Reclaimed wood Floors

Very often oakwalnut or maple — they are often more expensive and come in wider boards. Reclaimed flooring planks usually come from derelict and stained buildings or from recycled beams and joints.

Knotty woods

Woods with lots of personality like knotty pine, cherry walnut and hickory is another option. These forests only have a lot of personality – many knots and lots of colour variation for an old world look.

Random or Several width boards

This is how some of the wood in older houses were made, particularly in barns and farmhouses. A few of the forests come pre-sorted in numerous widths that lends a rustic, arbitrary appearance to the floor; others may be arranged in the right ratios to accomplish this look.

Oiled hardwood Flooring

In this scenario vintage appearance can be accomplished via prefinished oiled flooring or through refinishing with rubio monocoat. Oiled flooring require more maintenance and are somewhat more costly to reach, but some people love them not only for their look but also as they can easily patch little areas that get scratched without needing to sand and refinish the entire floor.

There are lots of variations on the vintage theme. Most classic hardwoods are distressed in some way, and generally come in wider planks, and often more matte or satin finishes. It is basically a classic search for your flooring.